Samuel Bloch

Photographical Leader


Born in the French Alps, Samuel has been watching birds since he was a child, encouraged by an enthusiastic great-uncle. He was an active member of the local youth birding club and joined trips with the local bird protection society for some time. During holidays, Samuel traveled the world with his family, sometimes borrowing the camera to snap a few images, of birds, of course. In addition, he often spent his leisure time indulged in voluminous wildlife encyclopedias.

His passion truly ignited during his studies in Helsinki, where he got his first camera telelens which made him spend a good deal of time outside, chasing birds. After that, he settled for good in Finland, his happy place, which he loves to explore whenever possible. In 2018, he temporarily left his office job to spend a whole year discovering New Zealand, learning a lot about insular birdlife, human impacts, introduced predators, and conservation. He is happy he can now devote all his time to his true passion for nature and birds.

Samuel's love for bird photography is immense, and he won't back away from any challenge: camping in a swamp, waking up before the sunrise, crawling in the mud and wet sand, waiting for many hours. Anything to get some fantastic photo opportunities! The best part is coming home afterward and enjoying a sweet second breakfast, downloading all images to the computer. Editing those many images is an art on its own, and Samuel will help anyone interested with many pointers and tips.

Samuel wants to use his skills in both birding and photography to have a positive impact on people and the planet, share the story of wildlife with a broad audience, and contribute to greater conservation engagement. Previously, he has given talks about his adventures, and his images have been published in paper magazines.

In the field, Samuel is known for his relaxed but dedicated attitude. He finds joy in helping people and sharing his enthusiasm for the natural world. Therefore, he makes sure to involve everyone, so they can make the most of their time outdoors.

Samuel will be leading birding tours in Central Asia, including a fair share of our photography ventures.