Jandaulyet Yerbolat (aka Johny)

Operating Manager


Jandaulyet is our Operating Manager, and you will be in touch with him mainly about the logistics for operating your travel of a lifetime. Johny is ethnically Kazakh and was born in Mongolia. He spent most of his life in the Bayan-Ulgii province of Mongolia, mainly known for its Golden Eagle Hunters, Great Altai Mountains, and nomadic culture. Since he was young, he wanted to visit Kazakhstan, his historical motherland, one day, and that dream came true when he won a scholarship from the Kazakh government. He achieved a bachelor's degree as an English and Chinese teacher. Johny is a guy who has a great talent for learning foreign languages. And so he can fluently speak English, Russian, Mongolian, and Kazakh and is working on adding Chinese to the list. Johny started to work as a tour guide back in Mongolia and has been working in the Tourism industry for almost a decade. His hobbies are learning new languages, playing chess and checkers/He is a two-time champion of his University Chess and checkers Championship tournament, climbing mountains, and exploring new destinations as a traveler. Soon he hopes to visit Canada and Greenland, but Vietnam is high on the list to be seen first.

As a descendant of the nomads, he has immense passion and love for nature. At the same time, he uses that advantage to impact people and society by creating and organizing tours and promoting the beauty of Mongolia and Central Asia.