Dana Maratova

Managing Director


Dana Maratova was born in Ust-Kamenogorsk, just like her cousin Bonny. She graduated with a bachelor in Medical Sciences. She is a real people person with a very sympathetic character, a real fairy godmother! Her social, accurate and thorough nature makes her ideal for a job in the tourism industry. She is keen on developing a career and becoming a leading figure in the Rubythroat management in the future. Apart from being interested in travelling the world, Dana is also curious about human psychology, psychiatrists, biology and philosophy as well as the art of dancing. Studying new languages and cultures are other passions of this busy bee. To this day, she fluently speaks three languages and is currently learning Spanish while also, mastering Korean. She enjoys learning about wildlife and ornithology while she spent much time visiting the mountains of Altai with her family since childhood. In the future, she hopes to meet one of the world most unique mammals – the enigmatic Tibetian Fox! Please do google this animal on the internet as you’ll enjoy seeing one as well. Whenever you are in touch with the Rubythroat office, you will get an email or two from Dana regarding your next travel logistics.