Aleksander Povarintsev

Senior Ornithological leader


Aleksander Povarintsev was born in the Siberian town of Nizhneudinsk. Still, he lived for most of his life in Irkutsk, the Paris of the East. Nature, especially birds interested him since childhood. For many years, he studied the avifauna of the Irkutsk region. He conducted bird surveys on birds of prey in the South Baikal migration corridor, and wintering waterfowl on the Angara River. In 2010, he graduated from the Irkutsk State University with a major in biology, and three years followed working in the Research Institute of Biology. He currently works part-time in the Irkutsk State Agricultural University in the Institute of Natural Resources Management while full-time occupied by Rubythroat as a liaison for all operations of our company in Russia. His PhD is devoted to factors that influence to migratory behaviour of raptors in the South Baikal migration corridor. Aleksandr is a very social person with a beautiful, dry, English sense of humour and a true gentleman. He will be leading most of our tours in Russia and Kazakhstan plus the occasional trip elsewhere in Central Asia.