Joachim Bertrands

Ornithological leader


Joachim has been passionate about birds and nature for as long as he can remember. He grew up in Belgium's northeast, where he explored all remaining wild corners of the country before branching out into a broader scope on Europe and later, the rest of the world. Having a broad interest in nature, he is always keen to document mammals, reptiles, butterflies, dragonflies and plants along his way. Joachim considers himself an experienced photographer and has been able to secure some exciting and tantalizing species. He graduated with a masters' from Wageningen University (The Netherlands). For his thesis, Joachim worked in Vancouver, Canada, for over two years. It was during this time he lost his heart to this beautiful country, and he is currently working on a lengthy immigration process to call Canada home finally. Further afield Joachim has a passion for rare endemics; he is mainly gripped by how altitudinal influences the speciation of birds, especially in the tropics. After graduation, Joachim decided to start working in environmental consulting and is currently conducting breeding bird, amphibian and fish surveys in the British Columbia's wild northwest. 

Joachim has explored the North American continent extensively and already birded the cold mountains in the interior of British-Columbia down to the hot canyons on the border with Mexico in Arizona. Other destinations included Scandinavia, Belarus, Hungary, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Ghana, Thailand, Colombia and perhaps the most unique destination, the small island of Sao Tome, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. Central Asia and Siberia have become favourite destinations for Joachim in the past years. He has a calm character and a personal approach towards the clients he is guiding. All-in-all a wonderful lad to lead you through the countries of Central Asia.