Harish Sharma

Ornithological leader


Harish Sharma was born and raised in Bharatpur, India and spent his childhood roaming the lands of birders paradise Keoladeo with his grandfather. The latter awakened his love for wildlife and birding. He enjoyed visiting the grounds of Maharajas which became a National Park in 1982. Further, it became a popular place for everyone who had an interest in avian life and served as a great training spot for birding.

Harish graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities, Economics and English Literature and worked as a wildlife guide specializing in the avifauna of India. He has over 20 years of experience and pursued a career as a naturalist as well as an ornithologist which makes him one of the best guides in India. He likes to expand his knowledge persistently. As a result of his exploration, he successfully began his career in 2018 as a leader in Kazakhstan. Along with his impeccable professionalism, Harish has a friendly, courteous, understanding and warm-hearted personality and a subtle feeling for his guest's wishes and needs.