• Spectacled Guillemot – Birding in Russia

    A friendly welcome from Rubythroat Birding Tours! We are a fully specialized all-inclusive eco-tour operator with ventures throughout Central Asia and Russia.


    Machiel Valkenburg © 
  • Turkestan red pika Mammals of Central Asia

    This lovely Turkestan Red Pika is almost a sure thing on tours in the mountainous areas of Kazakhstan and Kirgizia.

    Enjoy our all-inclusive tours
    birdwatching, mammal watching, botany & photography tours in Central Asia & Siberia.


    Machiel Valkenburg © 
  • Siberian Rubythroat best bird in Russia

    This Siberian Rubythroat was photographed on our expedition to the Lena River in central Siberia.  Isn’t it a stunner?

    On most of our tours, you have an excellent chance to come eye-to-eye with one of the delightful Rubythroat's! Hence the name of our company!


    Frank Droge © 
  • Ross’s Gull birding in arctic russia

    Ross's Gulls breed in the high Arctic, and we have pioneered a fantastic expedition to the Indigirka Delta in northeast Siberia.

    We specialize in bringing you the most-wanted birds of our region, they don’t get more exceptional than these cracking Ross’s Gulls!


    Frank Droge © 
  • Schrenk’s tulip Tulips in Kazakhstan

    In early spring the steppes of central Kazakhstan turn into a colourful art-work with Schrenk’s Tulip's carpeting the vast plains.

    In the coming future we will run a scouting tour to focus on the many blooming flowers during the Kazakh spring. Contact us for the very attractive pricing!


    Machiel Valkenburg © 

Welcome to Rubythroat Birding tours!

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Rubythroat is a bird watching tour company offering great value birding & wildlife trips all over Russia and Central Asia including birding in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

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Experience the authentic nomadic-style of stay combined with the best birding in Kazakhstan

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One-day tour


Our one-day birdwatching holidays are set up especially for birders visiting the region for a short time who want to go birding for a few days!


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