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PeriodYearLocationAuthorPDF Download
16 June till 01 July2013Russian Altai & North west MongoliaElena Schnayderthumbnail of ALTAI_2013
02 May till 15 May2010Southeast KZ & Central KZMachiel Valkenburgthumbnail of Kazakhstan_2010
24 May till 07 June2009Southeast KZ & Central KZ John van der Dolthumbnail of Kazakhstan_2009
May 2009Southeast KZ & Central KZBirding Breaksthumbnail of Kazakhstan_2009_checklist_BirdingBreaks
09 May till 11 May2009Taukum desertMachiel Valkenburgthumbnail of TAUKUM_DESERT_2009
8 Sept. till 19 Sept.2009South KazakhstanMachiel Valkenburgthumbnail of SouthKazakhstan_2009
01 May till 22 May2009Kazakhstan Arend Wassinkthumbnail of Kazakstan_ArendWassink_2009
22 May till 07 June2008Southeast KZ & Central KZArnoud B. van den Bergthumbnail of Kazakhstan_2008
04 May till 20 May2008Southeast KZ & Central KZBirding Breaksthumbnail of Kazakhstan_2008_checklistBirdingBreaks
04 May till 20 May2008Southeast KZ & Central KZBart Dijkstrathumbnail of Kazakhstan2008_reportNL
13 May till 30 May2008Southeast KZ & Central KZWouter Faveytsthumbnail of Kazakhstan2008_WFaveyts
20 May till 01 June2008Southeast KZ & Central KZMaarten Verripsthumbnail of Kazakhstan_2007_BirdingBreaks
05 May till 20 May2007Southeast KZ & Central KZHenk Hendriksthumbnail of Kazakstan _2007_HenkHendriks
19 June till 01 July2008Eastern KyrgyzstanMachiel Valkenburgthumbnail of Kyrgyzstan_2008_NLreport
06 June till 19 June2009Eastern KyrgyzstanMachiel Valkenburgthumbnail of Kyrgyzstan_2009
19 May till 28 May2016Southeast KazakhstanMike Powellthumbnail of Trip-Kazakhstan-2016